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  • How much does it cost to ship my boat?
    Prices are determined by mileage, boat size, and delivery location. ITL’s pricing department will examine every option to find the best, most cost-effective means to ship your boat.

  • How does the insurance work? Do I need to buy insurance for the ocean transport?
    For overland trucking, ITL’s transport services are insured for as long as we are handling your boat. However, for ocean moves, ITL offers its customer’s exporting a boat from the US a warehouse to port marine cargo insurance to cover damage and loss to your boat during the transportation process (either by truck or by water transport to the port of loading for export). Additional liability insurance provided by the shipper is not needed until the boat has reached the port of discharge and the consignee has taken possession of the cargo.

  • Is the consumer’s boat insurance primary or secondary?
    There is no such thing as primary and secondary insurance. It works the following way: Most carriers hold one million dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit & two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) per incident. This insurance covers damage done to your boat in transit, there is no other insurance. The boat transport carrier is the main and only coverage. (Exception: personal contents are not covered by any carrier insurance and in most cases if lost, stolen or otherwise will not be covered.)

  • What type of paperwork do I need to ship my boat? (Insurance, title, registration, etc.)?
    Domestic transportation only requires the Pre-shipment walk around inspection form conducted with the driver at pick up.  The walk around inspection allows you, and the driver, to verify if any damage exists at pick up

    In order to export boats from the U.S., we will need specific documents in order to prepare the export documentation. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Bill of Sale (or title/registration)
    • Authorization to file Shippers Export Declaration (SED)
    • Pre-shipment walk around inspection form

  • How big of a boat can be safely transported on the highway?
    Generally speaking we have transported boats as large as 18-feet wide and 18-feet high and up to 60-feet long, or 65,000 lbs. The alternative is water transport to the destination marina or port of embarkation. ITL will arrange for the most cost-effective route.

  • Are escorts needed for an over-the-road boat transport?
    Sometimes. It depends on the size of your boat. All states have their own rules and regulations concerning transit permits. We comply with every state’s regulations, and inform you of this in our quote.

  • Do you suggest we shrink wrap vessels prior to shipment?
    We suggest you do. Even if your boat will be stored inside the ship for ocean transport, the shrink wrap offers an added degree of safety and protection. For over-the-road transport, shrink wrap definitely adds protection from the elements. Shrink wrap is relatively inexpensive as well, and it’s a service International Transport Logistics (ITL) can coordinate for you.

  • Do I have to supply the cradle for my yacht?
    No, International Transport Logistics can coordinate this service for you. We have several preferred vendors who will build a custom fit cradle for your boat.

  • Do I need to have all the fuel out of the boat before it is transported?
    Generally no. If the boat is destined for a foreign port, the tank may need to be empty, or holding no more than ¼ tank if it’s diesel. Larger boats, over 40 feet, should have the fuel removed before being transported for both safety and weight reduction. Sail boats do not carry enough fuel to make this a problem.

  • Does my flybridge need to be removed for it to be transported?
    Generally, if a boat has an overall height of 13-feet, the flybridge will need to come off due to the costs involved in transporting an over-height boat. This is true of both over-the-road and ship transport. If over-the-road runs, removal of the bridge for 500 or miles or less may not be cost effective.

  • Is International Transport Logistics a freight forwarder?
    Yes, as well as a licensed and insured NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier).

Please call us directly at 904-757-0960 or toll free at 888-838-1890 for more information.

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